Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pierre Hardy "Bag D"

i featured pierre hardy's "bag d" about a month ago, and i knew i had to get it. i love the bag, i took the bag out last weekend and just love everything about it. rather than hand toting it, which doesn't feel right with my proportions, i used the shoulder strap and it worked really well. i'll most definitely pack this for my travels next month too.

if you are keen, pierre hardy's "bag d" is available online here.



  1. Nice bag!

    What do you think about the Celine horizontal cabas?

    I've got the luggage and love it immensely, but thought it would be nice if I could get something that looks a little bit more subdued/casual.


  2. b: i prefer the celine vertical napa totes, the luggage is bit big for daily use and not exactly practical for travelling. but i like those styles... :)

  3. I love the bag!!!!
    Nice pic!

  4. This just looks a whole lot like Goyard! Nah?



  5. I love the fabric, it's nice and plasticky and light, super summery! What is the pattern called?- I saw it on the floor in Comptoir Libanais near Margaret Howell and remeber loving it. Also love the posts you do about what you have actually gone and bought, much more so than the who's-been-spotted-wearing-what stuff, it is more like what you used to do in the past, or perhaps you have just been more frugal recently!- POPTUCKSHOP

  6. poptuckshop: i think the pattern is just 3D. it's amazingly lightweight. i like the who wear what posts, i find it interesting to see what's out there. i haven't been shopping much, so not so much of such posts. definitely frugal :)

  7. fashion meal: i do agree it's a little reminiscent of goyard heh

  8. Saw it in Paris and wanted to get it. Soon, just not yet.


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