Wednesday, 30 March 2011

#WishlistWednesday (Bottles)

- aesop fragrances
- CB i hate perfume
- byredo parfums

all available from liberty of london. get me one will you?



  1. your descriptions make me curious about their actual smell.

  2. Nothing like a nice bit of apothecary action . . .

    On a slight tangent, just wanted to say I love the new blog header, feels bang on as a balance to the simplicity of the images and text!


  3. kc: that's their actual descriptions. i love unusual scents, these try to capture a certain emotion and landscape, loving it.

    1972: thanks :D

  4. Thanks for the guide! I'm terrible at picking out fragrances.

  5. This post sent me running to the nearest store that sold the 1966 fragrance. Sadly they were sold out of it, but they were kind enough to let me smell the tester. It's wonderful. Though I recommend you take a whiff of Creed's Virgin Island Water: subtle hints of coconut, yalang yalang, and sea water. Divine.

  6. christian: not tried online? link above takes you to liberty, which stocks "1966"...


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