Monday, 11 April 2011

A little customisation

bought my ipad2 two weeks ago, and finally i decided on the cover. i wanted a slipcase, and something classic that will age beautifully with time. i bought the above dark brown colored calf leather case from london based stationery company, noble macmillan. i love the dark chocolatey brown, and it came with the option of having my initials hot stamped in gold.

i absolutely love it. if you are keen, you can order online from noble macmillan. there's a good selection of leather products for customisation. i am already lusting for the business card holders.

besides the ipad case, i also bought the above lizard skin wallet from anya hindmarch. they opened a pop-up shop at london's selfridges, and in a somewhat impulse state i ordered the wallet. frankly it was love at first sight. the color is so so beautiful in that old school green, which i don't think many do it anymore. the glossy lizard skin is just sublime. it is a little pricey, but considering i don't really have a wallet (i've been getting by with my dunhill croc case...) this is a good investment to last me for years.

besides the gorgeous skin and color, i was really attracted to the fact that there was no visible branding by anya hindmarch. as part of the 'bespoke' range, they deliberately left the wallet blank so we can add messages or initials on the wallet. i really really love the customisation option, and partly swayed by the below picture which i saw from their website:


i am definitely going back to add a hand written message. they will prepare a mould and stamp the message on the wallet. the difficult bit now, is to think of a nice, meaningful, personal yet succinct message. "ooooh i want one of those" doesn't quite cut it.

the customised option is very addictive with various products and thousands of possibilities. it's a very clever way for anya hindmarch to enter the menswear accessories market. in an era where (luxury) products are getting more and more homogenised, this is a nice way of saying let's go back to basics, this is how they do luxury in the past. i don't think this will be my last piece of "bespoke" from anya hindmarch.

although billed as "bespoke", i am a little hesitant to use that term since i did not get to choose the skin, the lining and design. it's more "made-to-measure" in tailoring terms. anyway, every piece from anya hindmarch's "bespoke" range came with a lucky penny. i love personal touches like that. "find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck."

and these are a few of my favourite things.
i love.



  1. Warw I going to take I pad nxt week
    La Bise

    MCH from Paris

  2. Hai...we share same surname...then again with like millions of others

  3. Absolutely beautiful! And the composite shot could easily make it to Mr. Porter's editorials.

  4. Everything looks gorgeous, especially the wallet!! Any chance of pictures of the inside? Can you only get it from the pop-up shop?

  5. thanks guys :)

    anon: the inside is a standard 8 cards slot without the coin pouch. you can also get the wallet from their Pont Street store, the original 'bespoke' store.

    matt: just a name, no less anonymous!

  6. Great choice, love it!!!

  7. The pop up shop was very cute when I saw it at Selfridges this weekend. I really like the iPad case, but to be honest, to this day, I haven't bought any luxury items for gadgets yet. As a gadget person (although I don't change gadgets that often). I found it a bit of waste of money when I replace my phone every 18 months - no need for a Bottega or a Dior Homme iPod case, the phone changes in size with difference gens or the fact that I might change the make altogether.

    I personally rather spend or invest my money on classic pieces in fashion or collectibles, e.g Dior Homme wax jeans, Air Jordans etc, watches. Cos if I had bought a Dior Homme iPod photo case a few yrs ago, is gonna be sitting in my draw now, as who really uses an iPod, iPod now?

  8. phil: the pop up shop is so cool, i wish it will be permanent. the ipad case retails for £59 before customisation, not that expensive to be honest...

  9. Hi Joe. Your real name has been finally reveal. I'm surprised that you're Chinese too. Out of curiosity, did you happen to come from the Philippines too like Freshmess and Deluxe Duck?

    - Nate

  10. What a waste of money.

  11. first: i love your blog and the fact that you are using the helmut lang fragrance! i thought its not available anymore?

  12. thank you :) that's the last of what i have. every drop so precious!

  13. really nice leather cases! May I know where did you get your iphone case from? looks really awesome!

  14. where did your iPhone case from ?
    because I really liked the leather

  15. without wishing to be indelicate, approximately how much was the hindmarch wallet? i'm looking to buy something personalised for a friend. I hate asking cost but just a ballpark figure would help.

    p.s. nice colour choice

  16. Hi ... just gotto know your blog. May I know how much did you pay for the wallet including the hot stamping? simply lovely ... :D

  17. Hey!

    I really love the cognac alligator case on the left of the pen. Could you give more information about it?


    1. That's a croc/alligator card case from Alfred Dunhill. Bought it in 2009:


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