Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Summer hats

london was exceptionally sunny (well, for april) last weekend. went for a walk with my friend, but felt something was missing. so i popped into zara and added the above strawhat to my outfit. the beauty of high street shops, i can just walk in and do something impromptu.

my first choice was this amazing (well, to me) flatcap, but my friend was a little stunned by my choice, and politely said "well it doesn't quite go with your outfit today". heck i bought it anyways! i love it, just need to think about how to wear it, probably keep my outfit plain.

keep it summery!



  1. ever the excuse to buy, buy and buy

  2. Zara makes amazing hats!
    There's this straw number I've been dreaming about recently.

  3. Like this post! Good pictures!! Well done!!

  4. i used to have a black straw hat from zara. it was the perfect fit, size, and design. but i lost it. now i can't find it in the stores. i'm sad.


  5. Love the first hat! I wore a similar one during a sunny shopping day out in L.A. last weekend.


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