Thursday, 26 May 2011

Common Projects White Achilles Low sneakers

monsieur christian louboutin appeared on irish tv last week to talk about his upcoming fall winter 2011 collection. on the show, he introduced a simple pair of black pumps, quite literally black patent leather devoid of any bells or whistles and with signature red soles. monsieur louboutin explained that the classic black pumps were actually one of the most difficult shoes to make. he compared that to a naked face, where quite simply there is nowhere to hide any flaws.

if we can find an equivalent to womenswear's classic black pumps, i think it will be a pair of classic white sneakers. every guy should have a pair as standard, clean and free of scuff marks. one of my favourites is the white archilles sneakers from common projects. such a classic, and being obsessed with typography, hot stamping and numbers (hell00 my blog is named after numbers!), the gold stamped numbers on the shoes are just perfect.

definitely one of my all time favourite shoes. i would love to tell you that's me and my shoes in those pics, sadly no. anyway, the common projects archilles sneakers are available online from chatsubo.




  1. I want one of those, for girls!!

  2. It's crazy that after all those years. Those CP low achilles are still the best white sneaker to have.

    Khaki chinos from ?

  3. i have four pairs of common projects sneakers and they are well-loved, not just by me but by my friends. such classic silhouettes and styles.

  4. U have an equally pretty H&M white canvas shoe if i remember..

  5. just got mine today and i love it :-)


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