Saturday, 28 May 2011

Flashback to Q Awards 2009: Matt Bellamy of Muse in Number N(ine) x Charles Peterson print blazer

muse at Q awards 2009 / ph: dave m. benett, getty images

i remembered back in 2009, i saw matt bellamy from muse in the above suit at Q awards in london. i was very intrigued, but unable to identify where the suit was from. close up of the suit showed prints of people crowd surfing at a concert, so i assumed it was a scene at one of their concerts and that the suit was custom made.

london's ln-cc recently curated a very good selection of arvhival pieces from number n(ine). included within the collection, is this amazing jacket which i recognise instantly:

the blazer featured repeated prints from a photo by famed american photographer charles peterson. i thought it was really really cool. not an everyday blazer, but art piece in itself. really beautiful.

endfest, kitsap, WA, 1991 by charles peterson

the stunning blazer, along with a great selection of number n(ine) archival pieces, are available online from l00o00ve.



  1. look ugly rather than awesome

  2. I LOVE this suit of Matt's! Thanks for much for sharing the link to it. :)


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