Monday, 30 May 2011

Hentsch Man Summer Pop-up Store

last thursday i met up with blogger around town, miss disneyrollergirl, and attended the launch of hentsch man's summer pop up store. i read about their pop up store at mayfair last year but didn't get the chance to visit. the current summer store is at no. 8 newburgh street, in a quaint little alley behind the hustle and bustle of carnaby street.

especially loving the espadrilles and colorful panama hats. i love a shop with dashes of colors. and in their own introduction, they want a hentsch man to look chic, but not like they’ve fallen out of a catalogue. absolutely delightful, i think i might have to head back for one of those panama hats.


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  1. those espadrilles... i miss all those colors. for some reason, it became harder to find them here in manila.


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