Tuesday, 3 May 2011

James Franco at Los Angeles International in Gucci

james franco at LAX / ph: bauer griffin

there's something about mr james franco that is so appealing. the more discreet and nonchalant his dress sense, the more i wanted to know what he is wearing. mr franco was spotted at los angeles international (LAX) last weekend in the above ensemble. had i not tried that jacket in stores previously, i would have missed it completely. mr franco wore a college style blouson from gucci, with a navy cotton body and black lightweight leather sleeves. i believe that is a piece from gucci's pre-spring 2011 collection, and actually one of my favourite pieces from that collection.

not sure why james and the model above are sulking but a happy blouson this should be. the gucci blouson is also available online here at matchesfashion.com.


  1. on the model, the jacket looks so high fashion and fabulous but on james, it looks so relaxed and comfy. he truly wore it his way.


  2. james franco is hotness!! + Gucci = double hotness!!

  3. thats nick snider, no? most commonly known for his classic quote while being arrested- "im a really famous model, ill suck your cock if you dont give me a ticket"oh and thats the only expression his face is capable of making

  4. The man is kinda edible, non? :(


what's he wearing?