Monday, 30 May 2011

Josep Guardiola at UEFA Champions League with Chopard Mille Miglia

josep guardiola / ph: lluis gene, afp, getty images

i must admit, i am not a football man. i find it difficult sitting through a 90mins game. i do watch some of the big matches from time to time, like the world cup finals last summer and last saturday's UEFA champions league. thing is, we went to bicester village (outlet haven) in the morning, but left at around 4pm so my friend could beat the expected traffic when driving back to london. with nothing much else planned, i ended up watching the match with my housemate at home.

it made for an entertaining game, as fc barcelona's coach josep guardiola was rather interesting to watch. i've not seen a football club manager who dresses pretty well and moved with such swagger (well partly because i hardly watch any football). love that well fitted and slim cut black suit, which was very flattering.

josep guardiola / ph: laurence griffiths, getty images

on and off i caught glimpses of his timepiece, and i was very intrigued what was his watch choice. i am always interested to see what shoes and timepieces other guys wear. i wished he picked another pair of shoes on this occasion, but loving the masculine and sporty timepiece.

ph: UEFA/handout via getty images

turns out, mr. guardiola wore the same watch on several other occasions. at the press conference before the match finals, we caught a better glimpse of the black colored timepiece with black rubber tyre-like strap. i was very very intrigued.

josep guardiola at donetsk / ph: reuters, gleb garanich

the above pic from a news conference back in april showed a little more detail of his watch. much digging later, i am pretty confident to say he wore a chopard mille miglia GT XL chrono speed black watch. the watch featured a natural black rubber strap reflecting the 1960s dunlop racing tyre-tread motif. the case is also made from scratch resistant blackened steel.

and, the watch is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. i think it's a really beautiful watch, matches the sportsman in him perfectly.

chopard mille miglia GT XL chrono speed black watch /



  1. He's also known to sport an Alexander McQueen long coat :)

  2. I'm a fan but I was supporting the other team! I did notice Pep's suit though, very smart.

  3. pauline: i need to see that mcqueen coat!

    That's Not My Age: out of interest, why is he called pep?

  4. did u know, that Barca has an collaboration with dsquared²?

    Pep really knows how to dress... pretty cool guy. and of course a great club manager, i mean, he won nearly everything (in his young age..)

    king regards, matthew.

    check it out:

  5. thanks matthew, that link is so cool! love pep in that electric blue jumper!

  6. Pep's wife family has a a chain of fashion boutiques. I think she was the one who brought Dsquared2 to Spain.
    The watch is not exactly the one you uploaded, but almost the same. The one Guardiola wears is a TRICAMPIONS limited edition specially made for FCB a couple of years ago.
    Barcelona has an agreement with Audi, so all the players "have to" go to the trainning camp with an Audi, except Guardiola. He drives a Range Rover Sport. ;)

    I'm a big fan of your blog.
    Greetings from Barcelona

  7. anon: that is great inside news, thank you so much for sharing! love pep's style :)

  8. Check Jose Mourinho.. he's also a very sharp dresser


what's he wearing?