Monday, 9 May 2011

Prada Customisation - Lettering Project

prada customisation /

prada has been taunting me non-stop this season. i dropped by their stores umpteen times to check out the spring summer 2011 platform colorful brogues, and also to check out the new customisation service where letters could be sewn onto a selection of their bags. the customisation service is also now available online:

prada customisation /

and i've been thinking for the longest time, if i need the above camouflage backpack. it's great for travelling, but how often do i travel really? can i still carry this off in a few years time? still i love it.

£590 for bag + 2 alphabets. what say you?



  1. i think these letters make everything sooooo tempting!

  2. I had exact the same thought as you Joe! Everyone needs a camouflage backpack :D

  3. Go for it. It's great that you can put your own stamp on it and I think it's something you can continue to use years from now.

    You can also customize the Prada brogues soon, too.


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