Tuesday, 17 May 2011


sean o'pry for h&m / ph: h&m

in about a month's time, i will be heading towards sunny spain for a week long beach vacation. while i have my sunnies, flip flops, hats and beach towels ready, i am still looking for beach shorts and a beach tone body. while the latter is all sold out in stores, there are a few interesting swim shorts choices which i will most probably pack for my trip.

not exactly sure if anyone's still reading at this point as sean o'pry is rather distracting in all that perfection. i love that pair of shorts, am sure him looking hot in them has nothing to do with it. £7.99 from h&m (him & me?), i will definitely pick up a pair this weekend. please let me find one in stores.

topman design "swim short project" / ph: topman

on may 23rd, topman will launch "the swim short project", hey what perfect timing! they will be collaborating with a series of designers and artistes, including bernhard willhelm, jonathan saunders, cassette playa, set designer gary card and blogger/photographer todd selby. the shorts which i am most keen on however, is the one above from in-house topman design. their design is a beige short with contrast orange drawstring and a print of an old fashioned bicycle over the front and back of the short.

i thought it's pretty cool. should i get this? £50 from topman.com from may 23rd.

paul smith "monsters" shorts / ph: paul smith

beach wear is about having fun, so i really love this "monsters" shorts from paul smith. this is a little long, a shorter version of this is available from selfridges, which i really like.

orlebar brown geometric shorts / ph: mr porter

and of course i will be bringing my new orlebar brown geometric print shorts. i can't wait to wear this to the beach! and i'll also bring my navy blue orlebar brown bulldog shorts with gold buckle. so that's two pairs sorted, i need to find another three pairs and all will be good. thing is the shorts are so light weight, might as well pack one for each day. i love the shorts above, as those are versatile enough to take me into the waters as well as drinks by the bar.

any other nice shorts you will recommend?



  1. If you like the bike theme, Moncler Gamme Bleu have some styles with a bike print, which I think are available online at Colette...

  2. your choices are great and i love the blue gingham h&m ones, they're so cool. I saw a pair of cool trunks in their stores as well it was in a retro style and it came with a d-ring belt, it's so cool, look out for it in the shops.River Island have some great ones too, but their site is down at the minute, otherwise I would have linked them on here, for me Orlebar brown is way too pricey and most of those designs can be found (well the equivalent of it)on the high street way cheaper.

    I love your blog, please I want followers people (IF YOU'RE READING THIS)I've only just started blogging properly, follow me and I'll follow you right back ;)

  3. funny how come europeans don't wear jap speedos or n2n trunks

  4. Actually I think they do...it's the new generation who thinks it's not cool and hide underneath tons of fabric

  5. it's just personal peferences, like jeans some prefer skinny some like it straight

  6. i'm going to the beach this weekend so i'm also looking for a nice pair of beach shorts. i want a cool design like the one with the monsters or the bike. but i don't want anything too colorful or tacky. i agree though that beach shorts should look fun and exciting.


  7. Your blog is sooooo amazing! Congratulations!

  8. should you get it !? of course :D
    I will get it :D

  9. Go for Vilebrequin!

  10. omg , love ur blog.
    so interesting and inspiring, just awesome!
    greetings martin&vanessa


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