Wednesday, 11 May 2011

SJ-M in Taiwan in Emporio Armani

sj-m in taipei, / emporio armani spring summer 2011,

korean boyband sj-m attended an event in taiwan yesterday, and one of the members wore a really nice patchwork style leather jacket from emporio armani spring summer 2011. the styling and mood between the two were rather different, almost like that of angels and devils. which do you prefer: the clean cut look from sj-m boybander or the tough biker-ish runway styling?



  1. Great jacket. I'm not too sure if I like either. The first look feels under styled and the Armani's well it is just Italian sex. That said it would've been nice if there was a good balance between both maybe chuck in a collared shirt with some beaten up chinos and JW Anderson boots (preferably the ones with the crystals on the top cap) and there you have the biker/festival edge but at the same time a sense of refinement.
    Also it would look great on (if it was cut to fit) woman as an alternative to the tweed Chanel jackets.

  2. michael m: wow great analysis. love your suggestion of pairing with jw anderson crystal boots!

  3. oh that jacket!! it's nice on its own but yeah, quite understyled on that korean guy.

  4. Sometimes i feel the runway should be the basis for styling your outfit,had he zipped off the jacket and gone a bit S&M it should have worked.

  5. bonniejones: then he would be the face of an angel and body of a demon!


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