Friday, 6 May 2011

Spotted on eBay: Balenciaga Spring Summer 2008 duffle bag

if you have been reading this blog for a while, you would have found the above bag somewhat familiar. i have a similar weekender from the same series, and featured it a while ago. yesterday i spotted the above duffle on ebay and amazingly, seller is listing it as brand new with tags. since 2008 and unused!

i love this collection of bags. released just for one season, the cream linen body was paired with sturdy dark brown leather, and a gorgeous plaid interior. the above duffle came with a shoulder strap too, making it more practical. i love it!

if you are keen, click here to find out more about the ebay listing. i love the bag, but slight critiques on the listing would be to photograph the bag away from the carpet, and provide measurements for the bag.

and here is my weekender! and with that, happy weekends ahead!



  1. this one's perfect for out-of-towns in the weekend. the colors are great and the lining makes the bag more interesting.

  2. hey, speaking of ebay someone is using your pics to sell a Sprouse keepall and they even say in the listing the tag comes with the initials JKW. lol. you should get the listing taken down. I used to report fake items all of the time but they never take them down so i dont do it anymore

    heres the link

  3. anon: thanks for the link, that's despicable behaviour of the seller. i emailed him to ask him to remove the listing. pure shameless.


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