Sunday, 8 May 2011

Vivian Dawson [锦荣] and Godfrey Gao [高以翔] at La Dolce Italia in Burberry Prorsum and Louis Vuitton

burberry prorsum spring summer 2011, / vivian dawson,

there's an annual event held in asia called "la dolce italia" [微风之夜], not exactly sure what the event is about but artistes vivian dawson and godfrey gao both attended in some of my favourite pieces from spring summer 2011. singaporean model vivian dawson attended the event in a cotton trench with leather sleeves from burberry prorsum. it's really one of my favourite coats from that collection, especially loving the leather sleeves. much as i love the coat, i wished mr dawson wasn't styled in the entire runway look. he even wore the same belt.

louis vuitton spring summer 2011, / godfrey gao,

current louis vuitton campaign model godfrey gao also attended the event. he was head to toe in white, but thankfully broke the monotonous look with my favourite accessory from louis vuitton spring summer 2011: the gorgeous silk stole/scarf. it's really my favourite piece, several times i ventured in stores but they don't have this scarf. lovely, but i wished he wore better shoes.

whose style do you like, mr dawson or mr gao?



  1. i prefer mr. gao's since his is not straight off the runway look. but i think he needs to break that white theme more. a tiny colorful lapel brooch won't hurt i guess.

  2. Was that scarf on Godfrey put in production for this season?

  3. is it ever ok to wear the full runway look?

  4. I will say Mr Gao too...

    I really like the full look in white with this silver-blue silk scarf !

    But yeah this trench coat from Burberry is also great.

  5. actually this event called Breeze Night, "la dolce italia" just the theme of this year's event, location at Breeze Center shopping mall in Taiwan's Taipei city and the whole event just about everythings on sale.

    from Taiwan :)

  6. What's wrong with wearing runway look? It's already stylized, it's perfect & it's a dream.. :)

  7. umaycallmev: thank you for the clarification!

  8. Vivian Dawson gets my vote, he looks great and I prefer the whole attire on him than on the Burberry model.


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