Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Will.i.am and Trey Songz at 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Emporio Armani

will.i.am / ph: ethan miller, getty images for ABC | emporio armani spring summer 2011

i never thought will.i.am would be an emporio armani kind of guy, but he wore one of the camouflage jackets from the spring summer 2011 collection. the jacket is similar to the one takeshi kaneshiro wore at the cannes awards a few days ago, and both featured detachable sleeves at elbow point. i actually quite like will.i.am's styling, loving the pop of color from his pink t-shirt.

trey songz / ph: isaac brekken, getty images | emporio armani spring summer 2011

i admit i am unsure, but trey songz jacket looked very similar to that of emporio armani's spring summer 2011. i will be very surprised if it's not, as it's just too close to comfort. but i love it on trey, wearing the whole suit would be too severe but loving the fit and styling here. especially loving the peek of the watch.



  1. Why do you persist with the Black Eyed Peas as a reference point for clothing... they represent the very worst side of fashion: gaudy, ostentaitous, over-priced'signature' pieces, cobbled together without any consideration of style - their Zoolander-esque 'futuristic' outfits are laughable - this isn't STYLE, it's FASHION and there's a huge difference.

    They would never be snapped by The Sartorialist... style is a timeless way of being. Take away Will.i.am's wallet and he'd have the personal style of a postman. He's the pop music equivalent of a footballer; you can't buy style.

  2. it's also about having fun. his stage outfits are loud and outrageous at times but it's entertaining. i wouldn't necessary go out and buy those clothes but doesn't mean he's not entertaining to watch.

    will.i.am has his own style, may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's still a style.

    sartorialist snapped kanye before if i remember, i don't particularly think he has amazing style. david beckham being a rich footballer is however a very stylish.

  3. everything goes to fashion and Armani just great alsi Dior Homme also Givenchy ohh love all


  4. gosh pardon my england: david beckham being a rich footballer is however a very stylish guy.

  5. Of course, I was making a sweeping generalisation about footballers and style - Beckham is an obvious exception... and I personally think Kanye has great style and doesn't have to rely on gimmicky, over-elaborate clothes. Style is something you have, not what you wear.

    I think my point is more in keeping with a general feeling about this blog of late - you seemed to have moved away from everday shopping and now focus on high-end, luxury, signature designer labelled items.

    It's your blog and you can post what you want - each to their own, I wouldn't dare tell you what you can and cannot post... I just can't relate to this type of shopping. I don't see any style on here, only extravagant purchasing.

  6. calm down dear, i hear you. if we never see what's wrong we will never know what's right.

    it's supposed to be lighthearted, take it with a pinch of salt.

  7. Woooh. Shags going on here...
    I don't like the look of will but I think Trey looks great in Armani.


what's he wearing?