Thursday, 16 June 2011

A little sale shopping...

i had some time off from work yesterday, and it so happened to be the first day of the harvey nichols summer sale in london. well i leave you to decide if i planned my leave that way. i bought two items from the sale, both from alexander mcqueen fall winter 2010. the above wool jacket was the only piece on the rail, and i am so happy that it fitted me perfectly.

the jacket featured chain mail prints, which was featured in several pieces from the fall winter 2010 show. my casual pair of chinos probably doesn't go with the gorgeous jacket, i'll most likely wear it with a smarter pair of trousers. i also bought a cashmere trompe-l'œil knitwear from the same collection. as both were from two seasons ago, they were actually further reduced, coupled with the extra 10% off for the first four days of sale, both pieces were about 75% off. great reductions is one thing, i really do love, and feel there's longevity in both pieces.

so it's a great buy (i do anything to convince myself).

alexander mcqueen fall winter 2010 /

even more poignant, as this was lee mcqueen's very last menswear collection.

i then went from knightsbridge to nottinghill for a little business visit. since matchesfashion is around the corner, i decided to drop in for a look see too. and when they laid out the shoes nicely like that, i feel very obligated to try them on. i was deciding between the classic lanvin metallic toe-cap sneakers, or the somewhat sportier balenciaga hi-tops. i decided to go with first instinct, and picked the balenciaga shoes.

those were my blue suede pierre hardy shoes in the background...

nice? these were actually very light and comfortable. it was the first shoe i picked up, so i trusted my instinct. the shoes are also available online at, as well as

speaking of, their international sales start today!!

clickerty clickerty click! happy sale shopping!



  1. amazing how the jacket didn't lose its magnificence despite being taken separately from the runway look. and how lovely it is to own a piece of the last of lee mcqueen.

  2. 75% off? thats amazing....the matches sales in store is way better then the online ones.

    The Balenciaga trainers are 'interesting'...are the shiny parts quilted nylon?

    I also have a pair of ship-crested boots from the same season as your ycoat. Too bad the shoes run a bit too small at the toe cap. I will probably just keep it seeing its also my last and only piece of lee mcqueen :)

  3. I bought those exact shoes last week from and wore them for the first time today! What a coincidence!

  4. the jacket. Graham Norton circa 2008

  5. those balenciaga sneakers are a staple in my wardrobe. i have them in 6 different versions. They are so comfortable!

    just found another color combo on ebay too! and in my size. hmmm shall i make it 7?

  6. This is what I was really looking for. Thanks very much. Keep up this good work.


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