Friday, 10 June 2011


if you've been reading this blog long enough, you would have known that i love shoes, and then watches. when i meet people, i always look at what shoes they are wearing. and during conversations, i like to see what timepieces they are wearing. and when i prepare and get dressed, i first thing i think about is what shoes to wear (depending on the temperamental british weather), then what socks to match the shoes, then what watch to match the shoes. silly probably, but i like to wear a black strapped watch to go with black shoes and socks, and brown strapped watches to go with non-black shoes. metallic ones for lazy rebellious days. if you want to be mad, might as well have a method for it.

and when you've reached a certain age, having tons of clothes and shoes probably doesn't matter much anymore (ok i speak for myself). i subscribe to the mantra of "buying less, but buying better". probably explains why i haven't really been shopping much these days, but i am willing to pay more than what i usually would, for something a little more special. hence the upcoming summer sales intimidate me. everyone loves a bargain, but i am just human and often might succumb to the temptation of something on sale. but do i really like it, or am i excited because it's 50% off? i know it's a slap in the face, considering i have two huge sales banners on the right.

this is also a good time to browse and plan my purchases/investments for the upcoming season. you might say it's silly to buy a winter coat when it's the blazing summer now. but wait till it gets cold, and all the sizes and styles that you like will most likely be sold. and it is while browsing the new collections that i come across the above beautiful beautiful march la.b watch. i actually tell myself not to get anymore quartz watches, again coming back to the "buy less buy better" mantra. this watch is so aesthetically beautiful and perfect in my eyes, i love the gold plated crown paired with the gorgeous stingray strap. in fact i love everything about it, except that it's powered by a battery. and i start to question myself if my argument is still valid.

so i am back to where i started. i am still non the wiser. the watch is from their spring summer 2011 collection. i doubt watches will go on sale, but if ever you notice it does, scream shout tweet and do everything to grab my attention please.

march la.b watch am1 in memogold and stringray strap from



  1. well, is very beautiful. the strap is just superb. too bad it's battery-powered.

  2. Hmm interesting purchase and an interesting strap, but for the price you paid for the watch, add a few hundred quid and you can get yourself a vintage rose gold Omega.

  3. Cool watch, I have a thing for watches atm :)

  4. Beautiful! I want the stingray strap for my vintage pasha... =)


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