Tuesday, 7 June 2011

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Planet Nebula versus CHRISTOPHER KANE Cosmic Constellation

[left] vivienne westwood planet nebula vest
[right] christopher kane spring summer 2011 vest

inspiration or imitation?



  1. oh my that's a clear imitation by Westwood. wonder what happened there because C. Kane's whole collection was with that print....

  2. mmmm... embarrassing??? is she bored??
    imitation, and not a good one

  3. Hmmm I get the fact that copying happens and that sometimes print runs overlap especially in the country where I live in (New Zealand) where there were 3 labels that produced with the same print, but this seems very dubious. As stated above Kane's collection was this print-which when said like this calls into question his designing but that is a whole different issue, personally I liked it but also had problems with the whole thing- and to clearly rip off such a key print is lazy to say the least. Also I am pretty sure there is a print even more similar to that on Oki-Ni although that maybe on a jersey. The styling for the C.Kane look also takes the cake, those high shine boots and butter soft shorts plus the added hipness of that singlet, unf.
    If you are going to copy you should do it so well the other looks like the rip off.

  4. Ummm. I've gone crazy trying to look for the cosmic print Kane tshirts. Tomorrow is the sample sale so I finally get my hands on 1(or 5, who knows?) YAY.
    As for Westwood- Gasp. Such blatant copying.

  5. If I remember correctly certain she's done pieces with a nebula print on before the Christopher Kane collection was released.

  6. I've been looking for a decent-sized picture of that Vivienne Westwood top for my blog for ages, so thanks! They are similar but not similar enough to start criticizing Vivienne I don't think- the space print theme has been consistent throughout menswear collections this season, my dad says its because of the Hubble space telescope images being released which sounds like a viable reason, so its no surprise that designers want to use these amazing images in their work!

  7. Christopher Kane is a very 'inspired' designer: many of his designs look like 'Decarnin on diet' (mind you: much of Christopher Bailey's designs for Burberry's are also more street-friendly versions of Decarnin's designs)...


  8. i think vivienne did her version about 8 yrs ago on tees, and ties.

  9. I don't see imitation here; more like two establishments with similar sources of inspiration. There's nothing wrong with that right?

  10. i'd say they both had the same inspiration. kane doesn't own space.

  11. The intergalactic heavens belong to no one.

    But I definitely prefer the cut and feel of C.K's though.



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