Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Christian Louboutin at 'The Naked Heart Foundation - White Fairy Tale Love Ball'

christian louboutin and farida kelfa / ph: dominique charrian, getty images

three weeks ago, monsieur christian louboutin and actress farida kelfa attended the "white fairy tale love ball" in aid of the "naked heart foundation". i saw pictures of the shoe maestro and was totally wowed by it. i really love his white dinner jacket, paired with a pair of tomato red trousers, which i thought was a surprise choice. what's more surprising, was the choice of an electric blue tasselled loafers. it's an amazing black tie look, keeping to the dress code but also making it that bit more exciting.

i was confident that monsieur louboutin in that instance, wore shoes from his own label like in many other occasions. i couldn't identify the exact shoe back then, but things became clearer when a pair of the brown suede "tasselissimo" loafers was added to their e-store:

it's like the tassels received the popcorn treatment and exploded all over the front. i kind of like the shoes without the tassels, as it looked so beautiful and well constructed. any thoughts?



  1. Tacky as hell :D

    Looks like someone stuck some christmas ornament onto a decent shoe.

  2. totally in love with his whole outfit, way to go Sir!

  3. In the land of boring (and sometimes sloppy) American men, I love Mr Louboutin's outfit, especially the blue loafers! the tan ones don't do it for me.

    I also love Ms Khelfa's hair - I always admire women who can pull off such short hair.

  4. Personally I think in the tan they don't work with the adornment due to the slickness that colour implies but with the electric blue they kind of work on a this is slightly wrong level. In the picture with Louboutin they look like an sea anemone rather than a bunch of tassels, but up close they would probably look at tad messy as they do in the other picture.

  5. I'm with Lo...
    I think so many men play it safe. When you design for a living your allowed and sometimes pushed to color outside of the lines. I have nothing that would handle such a shoe but I could see a few people I know making the world stop for a second or two in them. Way to go Mr.Louboutin, way to go on the whole white, red and (what were they called) electric blue ensemble.


what's he wearing?