Thursday, 7 July 2011

Prada customised camouflage backpack

i bought the prada customised backpack a while back, but finally took delivery last weekend. in hindsight, i feel that the letters are a little too big, perhaps i should have just gone with one letter. if you are not aware, prada offers a service where on a selection of their classic bags, customers can get their initials sewn on. i allowed myself this little treat since i don't have a backpack. i wanted one for travelling purposes, and felt this would be perfect. it's not that in-your-face and recognisably prada that i might fear being robbed, but also stylish enough and packed full of intricate details.

the fabric is supposedly nylon, but it feels soft and almost silky. hardware are polished and discreetly logo-ed. i feel this is a great example of turning streetwear luxe. i love it, can't wait to start using it.



  1. you right. Jesus. The alphabeths are YUGE!!!!!

  2. Like it! But I agree, the letters are a little on the large side. One large J would be quite cool. Do you get to pick the colours/design of the letters too? Also, did you purchase in-store or online?

  3. BAM :D i like! JW looks good on it! How is the quality of the nylon ?

  4. tot u r not really a backpack guy. haha

  5. I love the Prada camo print.
    I've been entertaining the idea of getting the customized shopper for months now..

    The letters on your backpack do look too big..

    It's strange, because I remember asking about this in the Prada store in Milan and they told me they had smaller letters for backpacks..

    Check out the photo of the backpack here:

    It was snapped from the Prada website and it shows indeed smaller lettering.


  6. Very very nice, I love the way they write your initials: puts togheter the luxury of the personalization with the casual style of the characters.
    Compliments from Italy

  7. that's a cool service they're offering. yeah they are pretty massive but you'll get used to them


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