Wednesday, 6 July 2011

#WishlistWednesday (How do you Choo Choo Choo Choose)

not done #wishlistwednesday for a while, truth is i didn't really see anything i lust after lately. that's the sale time syndrome i call it. but new collections are gradually coming in and the mind is wandering again. after a brief hiatus from the menswear scene, jimmy choo is reintroducing mens' shoes for fall winter 2011. there was a big launch at mr porter yesterday, including a specially made video called "walk the line", a collaboration between the online retailer and the london based shoe maker. trust me, if you watch that video, you would want all the shoes, so danger ahead. anyway, my personal favourites from mr porter include the above black derby lace up shoes which will be perfect for my day job, the summery mustard colored sneakers, the gorgeous snow leopard print loafers and those porno porno loafers!

what's really surprising, or disappointing, is that mr porter did not stock (or is it coming later...?) my personal favourite from the entire jimmy choo menswear fall winter 2011 collection: the tiger print pony hair loafers, which you might have noticed it's already on my wishlist on the right. it's rather unlike me, but i am so ready to run around town with a plain shirt and trousers with those tiger tiger loafers.

if you are to choose (hey see what i did!), which is your personal favourite? the shoes are available online from mr porter US, mr porter international, (those tiger tiger ones if you are feeling generous...) as well as



  1. the mustard ones are my favorite and i would be so glad if they suddenly appear on my doorstep.


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