Saturday, 27 August 2011

10 MEN Magazine Fall Winter 2011

10men fall winter 2011 / frederike helwig

i really really love the cover of the latest issue of 10men. i always feel that magazines should produce covers that would entice people to pick it up to have a read, as well as making the readers want that piece of clothing on the cover. and i feel especially excited, as model rj king wore a shearling coat from balenciaga menswear fall winter 2011 on the cover. i always get excited when balenciaga menswear makes the covers, because the menswear house is so small and quite frankly often overlooked.

love their styling, really loving the shearling coat and fitted jeans. they styled the coat way better than balenciaga did. i think the model in the lookbook pic below doesn't look too pleased either. i was actually on the fence about this coat, but seeing it in movement on the magazine cover changed my mind. i can't wait to check out the coat in person.

balenciaga menswear fall winter 2011 /



  1. I've been quite dissapointed by Balenciaga since 2 seasons. All the easiness and the freshness is gone IMO. Even if this collection have good pieces, i think it's a little bit try to hard and souless.
    The mens collection are just the reflect of the womens one. Nicolas needs to bring back the easiness and the sexiness in his designs because Balenciaga is not as exciting as it used to be.

  2. LOIC: i don't think ghesquiere designed balenciaga's menswear. i think that's the problem. i love it when ghesquiere does retro shapes, and i would love it, whoever's doing menswear at balenciaga to align themselves to balenciaga womenswear too....


what's he wearing?