Monday, 1 August 2011

A behind the scenes look at the personalisation process at Noble Macmillan

when i bought my ipad2 back in april, i got myself a brown leather slip case customised with my initials from noble macmillan. i love the case, especially with the customisation option which adds a personal touch. i always wonder what goes on behind the scenes, how the letters are being embossed onto the leather. i recently visited noble macmillan's store in kensington, and had the chance to see how it happens. i love seeing how things are being put together, let me take you on a little photographic journey.

the picture above shows resident engraver warren prepping the machine by putting in the wheels of the font that the customer wanted.

the wheels with the different fonts and sizes are kept in hot ovens. i believe heat is an important element when it comes to embossing/engraving on leather. the heat sets the characters on the leather, making it less prone to rubbing off.

a close up of the metal wheels with the different alphabets.

a customer wanted a short message to be engraved in silver on the cover of the album. silver film was lined at the exact location, and the machine then heat stamped the words.

when done, the album is then set aside to cool.

a close up of the lizard print turquoise colored album with a special message as requested by the customer. i think this is really cool, the lizard print album is gorgeous by itself, but the added customisation is a great feature.

and here's their resident engraver warren with his proud work. whoever bought the album, i hope you like my little behind the scenes look!

after a long days work with the boiling hot machines, the man deserves a beer. with a personalised lizard print coaster no less. i want one of those!

and here's one they made earlier. my personalised ipad cover, with my new travel wallet in matching engraving. more on the travel wallet tomorrow.

i am so fascinated with engraving/embossing right now, i have to show you the their brickwork floor. i believe those were the initials of the bricks factory where the bricks were sourced from. beautiful!

more on my new travel wallet tomorrow. meanwhile, have a look at their e-store at, you can personalise your orders online too.


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  1. setting one's initials on leather goods is really a good way of adding personal touch on an item. it amplifies the luxury of the piece a couple of times.


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