Monday, 15 August 2011

Edison Chan [陈冠希] at "Travelling Mickey Hong Kong" in Balmain Homme

edison chan / ph: sina, tungstar

that green plaid shirt is my favourite piece from the entire balmain homme fall winter 2011 collection. it hurts me to say, mr. chan totally butchered it. hong kong artiste edison chan 陈冠希 attended the "travelling mickey" event in hong kong over the weekend and wore the balmain piece like your regular £19 gap shirt. oh it hurts, i don't know if i should blame balmain for trying to achieve that "street cred" look or edison's stylist for wasting a beautiful piece.

south korean actor kwon sang woo (权相宇/권상우) wore the same shirt to a press conference last month, he looked miles better in a completely different styling.

i'm not asking for anything over the moon, but a simple and effortless styling like the above? i really really love this shirt, and i am busy justifying to myself that i should pay £500 for it. anyway, here's something interesting i noticed: the balmain homme fall winter 2011 shirt is available online from the below three stores, but at rather varying prices:

- matches fashion, £528
- mr porter, £505
- luisa via roma, £486 (with free shipping...)

so what say you?



  1. Errrmmm.....from the outset, it looks like something you can easily pick up at Pull & Bear? :S

  2. It does look like a Gap shirt, from the factory outlet, but with some sort of crest embroidered on it... maybe it feels amazing on the skin, but to the eyes (of mine), it's GAP..

  3. terry: if you get the chance go check out the balmain shirt in shops. it does feel and look way more superior than on screen. but edison ruined it for me.

  4. it's edison
    you can't..really expect too much from someone like him :/
    i hate his brand, CLOT, with a passion


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