Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A little customisation

got myself a travel wallet last week. this is actually my first travel wallet, no doubt the leather will only get better with age. i chose the mocha colored wallet with gold stampings to match my ipad cover. there's something about brown and gold which just captivates me.

i can't wait to travel again so i can use my new wallet. the travel wallet with the customisation option is also available online from noble macmillan.



  1. A travel wallet is really handy as I've experienced from my Valextra. Keeps everything is in one place. Love customisation on leather goods, or on any thing for that matter!

  2. Wow you're singaporean! So proud of you! Gorgeous wallet!

    Ed from SG

  3. huuh you can tell just by the tiny peek of my passport!?

  4. I guess it's not a tough job for singaporean. =P
    Been reading your blog for 3 years, love love love it.


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