Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My new shoes: Acne Studios mission polish lace-ups

i previously featured these acne studio shoes back in june. when i saw that they were reduced by 70%, i had to get them. the shoes were polished to a high shine, and contrasted with distressed edges where loose treads seem to run:

i love the quirky detailings. loving acne shoes at the moment, there's a pair of zig zac loafers on my wishlist too. when the moment of weakness arise, i know the shoes fit true to size!

love the shoes. do wish that there is more width so the tongue of the shoes could be completely covered up. slight irk, but i can live with it. happy #shoesday.



  1. Quirky. Special. Congratulations on such a great pick!

  2. love those shoes, the unique detailing with the thread loosening is nice. Anything unfinished or unhem done on purpose technically speaking is genius. Especially if its done well. check out my blog, there some stuff u might like, such as my Kris Van Assche sneakers.

  3. oh this pair shows you're exquisite taste. those details add character to the shoes.

  4. Very nice... and you shold add this

  5. Nice! I should be take one piece?


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