Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My new shoes: Mr. Hare Onyx wholecut lace-ups

i met the wonderful mr. hare last week and bought my third pair of mr. hare shoes: the onyx wholecut laceups. as the name suggests, the upper part of the shoe is cut from one piece of leather, thus giving it a really smooth and clean architectural silhouette. the shoes featured an unusual shape at the front: mr. hare explained that the shoes were designed after jay jopling's white cube gallery, and the slightly raised front mimics the cubes, lending it a somewhat futuristic and artistic edge.

needless to say, i love the shoes. a simple pair of black shoes made interesting. it's perfect for the office. really loving the slick high shine finish.

to read the interview i did with mr. hare last year, and for all things mr. hare on this blog, click here.

mr. hare shoes are available online from mr. porter, as well as ln-cc where a small selection of shoes are currently further reduced in the summer sale (be quick!).



  1. wow now that is a serious office shoe, not messing

  2. Hi! What pants on you?

  3. Love these beautiful. I love high shine loves. They look great. I like the raised bits at the front breaks up the silhouette and makes them a little bit more interesting.


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