Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ryan Reynolds at Los Angeles International with Tom Ford luggage

ryan reynolds at LAX, august 2011 / via bauergriffin

ryan reynolds was pictured leaving los angeles international yesterday in a beautiful chocolate colored luggage bag. a quick call to @jimshi809 later, he pointed me in the direction of tom ford. the larger than normal zippers are a tom ford signature, i really should have known. we only really need one good hand carry bag, this is a great piece, i really love.

tom ford accessories 2009 and 2010 / tomford



  1. I like the watch...Panerai?

  2. Oh hello.. Dread to think what one of these sets you back. The slouched leather and oversized zip. I love it. I want one!

  3. I live in Hamburg, Germany and these bags came to my attention about a year and a half ago. They are well made, suede-lined, HEAVY, and priced to compete with Bottega Veneta & Hermes! I found it difficult to find any blog posts about the until today and when I called the Tom Ford shops in NYC and Milan, I was "disconnect"/hung up on SEVERAL times :-(

    For as much as I like, at least the work bag in this line, the customer service gives me pause at those prices!

  4. anon: sorry to hear about the terrible customer assistance, that sounds awful! try the shop if you're ever in NYC, hopefully that would be better...


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