Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Style stalking Alexander Skarsgård

alexander skarsgård / ph: splashnews via justjared

i love alexander skarsgård's street style, often relaxed, nonchalant yet effortlessly stylish. the "true blood" actor was spotted around soho new york yesterday, with beautifully coiffured blond locks, a well washed grey t-shirt with denims. what stood out for me was his accessories: those tortoiseshell persols matching the tanned corners of his mulberry bag, those white iphone earphones matching the white sneakers from common projects. effortless.

he must love persol sunglasses, i've seen him in several styles of late. that mulberry bag seems to be his preferred bag of choice, again we spotted on several occasions. and those common projects sneakers made repeated appearances too.


1. mulberry clipper holdall, available online from selfridges
2. common projects sneakers, available online from studiohomme
3. persol "steve mcqueen" sunglasses, available online from mr porter



  1. eric we could grow up together!

  2. The Tshirt fit is perfect... Any idea of where the tshirt comes from?

  3. I don't know where tshirt is from, but it fitted him well indeed!

  4. grow up with me eric! my blood can make your walk in the sun! 00o00 will just spend all yr vampire munay on shoes!

  5. Love the Persols if I didn't have my Tom Ford sunglasses I bought the other month I'd snap the, up no doubt. I love it when casual styles just work like this. Not often often a tee and jeans can look so effortlessly stylish. Love the Mulberry clipper too... Hello bag porn! I have one of the older Mulberry large scotch grain clippers, my favourite bag. Great post!


  6. lol vampire munay. shoes are important!

  7. don't really know him, but love his style. thanks for sharing new fashion icon :)


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