Wednesday, 31 August 2011

#WishlistWednesday - New York, New York!

i am so glad that hurricane irene took mercy and new york escaped relatively unscathed. glad, because i'm going to be in new york for 10 days from 16th september! yes it's very unfashion of me to arrive after all the shows, but ho hum. please do share with me your secret addresses and all the must visit cool hang outs! i have like 10 days, i need stuff to do, places to visit, things to keep me occupied!

#wishlistwednesday - the alexander skarsgard stalker edition:

- globe-trotter 'orient' suitcase, globetrotter
- paul smith rucksack, farfetch
- common projects suede sneakers, mr porter
- persol 'steve mcqueen' tortoiseshell sunnies, my-wardrobe
- astier de villatte notebook, studiohomme



  1. Unfortunately I don't know any cool hang-out places, but whenever I go, I try to get some halal cart food from the famous one at 53th and 6th ( and a chicken pesto slice from the Ray's pizza at 11th and Ave of the Americas. I know everyone says that all the Ray's are overhyped everywhere, but I have yet to try a better chicken pesto slice in NYC. The Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien is pretty popular, but it's more about being confident enough about ordering without being (allegedly) sent back to the end of the line lol. Macaron Cafe close by on 59th is a nice place for macarons and a decent coffee.

  2. excellent tips! thank you, i will take note!

  3. Here are some of the place I hang out with my boys, not sure if they're cool or not but we tend to have a good time when we go.

    Posh Bar in Hell's Kitchen - 51st & 9th Ave
    Boxer's Sports Bar - 20th btwn 5th & 6th Ave
    Splash - 17th btwn 5th & 6th Ave

    Apparently the boys & I only like going out for drinks. LOL I know a ton of other bars/lounges so email me if you'd like more info.

  4. I'd love to check the addresses I was at when I visited NY a couple of years ago, but it's impossible to remember right now... Nevertheless, I just read a post by our top model Eugenia Silva about her addresses in NY. Many of them might not be useful for you, but in case it helps, I leave you the link here (see English text in the end of the post):

    Oh and please! Once you're back, it'd be great if you make a post bout the places you liked, 'cause I'm coming back to NY next year and I'd like to start collecting addresses as well.


  5. I highly suggest stopping by a target store because missoni for target goes public on september 13!!

  6. by the time the 16th of september rolls around...

    -the target x missoni pop up would have long closed.
    -the collection wouldve been sold out in stores.
    -and there's no target stores in nyc (no s'porean would schlep' it to east harlem, trust moi).

    don't cha kno'?

    kisses! x00xox00


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