Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] at #PFW in Balmain Homme

hidetoshi nakata / ph:,

i am taking an educated guess here, i believe hidetoshi nakata [中田英寿] wore a balmain homme fall winter 2011 corduroy jacket in above pic. the japanese footballer/model attended this morning's hotly anticipated balenciaga womenswear show in paris. that pic was taken before news broke on twitterdom, that all the benches broke prior to the show and everyone stood at the show!

back to the jacket: i remembered seeing this jacket at barneys last week when i was in new york. the distressed marks on the lapels and front pocket suggest to me that it's the same piece i saw. very brave of nakata to match his corduroy jacket to a pair of corduroy trousers. the two tone treatment worked for me though, i thought he looked really smart.

love seeing nakata at shows.


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  2. nice , with Monsieur jean yves bow ties , just complete the LOOK :)

  3. good spot on the monsieur jean yves tie!

  4. Fantastic combination. Here is living proof that double corduroy looks great. As long as the wales match, it depends on the color combination. I would not be as bold as Nakata. I don't take chances and I use more classic color combination : black with gray; beige with brown, navy with burgundy or gray, green with brown, etc.


what's he wearing?