Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jared Leto at Malibu in Burberry Prorsum

jared leto / ph: ginsburg, spaly inc via justjared
burberry prorsum spring summer 2011 / gq.com

jared leto was pictured in malibu yesterday with a rather eclectic get up. he wore a gorgeous leather jacket from burberry prorsum spring summer 2011, but paired it with questionable pinstripe business trousers, hat that is a little too big, and terrible shoes. i really love the shade of petroleum blue on the leather jacket, just a little disappointed at how everything was put together.

to be honest, i love the jacket but ain't too hot on the styling from the runway too. any thoughts?



  1. It is a stunning jacket - I bought it in the bronze but had to return it as it got really badly streaked almost instantly with rain. Quite hard to build outfits round it - ended up wearing with black t-shirt and jeans every time! Should've gone for the blue, it's a gorgeous shade (and possibly more weatherproof . . . )


  2. wow it came in bronze?! i love the blue, it's gorgeous. that was a really good collection, i love all the outerwear from SS2011.

  3. It came, it went - they recalled all the bronze versions, there was a problem with the dyes they used which meant the jackets couldn't be stain proofed. Was sad to say goodbye.

    The blue didn't look amazing in store, but looking at the images now it looks really sumptuous. & yes, SS2011 was a very good season for coats -kind of went back both to Burberry's more Belstaff side, and also to what Roberto Menichetti was doing before Bailey took over in 2001

  4. man i thought i'm the biggest prorsum fan, until i met you! we need to hang out, or go prorsum shopping together!

    i went last saturday and tried on the orange duffel coat on my wishlist. it is love at first sight!

  5. It look boxy on the runway and Jared's styling is tacky. But it's a beautiful Jacket so...

  6. I love Jared Leto styling. I think it is even better than Burberry because it is black on black. I just do not like the hat that seems too large.


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