Thursday, 6 October 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim Men's Shoes Spring Summer 2012

when i was in new york two weeks ago, i had a sneak peek at the upcoming 3.1 phillip lim spring summer 2012 collection. first thing that caught my eye were these gorgeous textured suede shoes which i want so so badly. the brown suede and white soles are just perfect.

there's some serious shoe porn going on with 3.1 phillip lim menswear spring summer 2012. those metallic sneakers and denim/leather hybrid boots are insanely drool worthy too. all four pairs go straight to my spring summer 2012 wishlist.



  1. the texture of those shoes are soooooooo rich. i bet it's very fun to wear.

  2. I hope that the footwear makes it into the shop. None of the shoes seemed to been produced for he fall collection, was very disappointed.

  3. Yeah, it's very disapointing without the shoes they showed us back in January, to be honest i was waiting them all year since then and guess what they never came out. Blacks with that kinda orthopedic sole was on on top on my fall wishlist. Insanely sad about it.


  4. do you have any other pics of the Phillip Lim spring 2012 collection?

  5. vlad: i think these will be put into production, i'm looking forward to it.

    anon: i took pics of the RTW collection, coming up next week!

  6. That metallic boots with denim have my name all over it... please tell us if there's an online shop carrying them, since NYC is waaaayyy to far.. :)


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