Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Common Projects Achilles Sneakers

it wouldn't be a complete shopping experience if i did not get any shoes would it? together with the mismo bag, i got myself a pair of common projects achilles sneakers. i've featured these numerous times on the blog, alexander skarsgard is a fan, i decided i will be too.

needless to say, my favourite feature has to be their signature gold stamped numerals on the side of the shoes. the common projects achilles sneakers are also available online from studiohomme.

happy shoesday!


  1. i bought some cps but just find them a bit too bulky when worn with skinny jeans like apc petit standards or whatever. i'd like to see some pics of you wearing those if possible..

  2. Right Lucca Yoga. Its neat and simple. Whats with that number?


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