Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gary Barlow at X-Factor UK Live show 1 in Vivienne Westwood

x-factor judges / x-factor

i tell myself not to watch the series anymore, but the economy is in trouble, we are all under austerity measures so staying home on a saturday night ain't a bad thing afterall. i predict another bumper year for domino's pizza.

saturday night saw the first 2011 x-factor UK live show with a new line up of judges. new judge gary barlow wore a really well cut tweed blazer with attached waistcoat from vivienne westwood fall winter 2011. definitely much more exciting than louis walsh's forever black suit uniform.

gary barlow / ph:

x-factor screen grab

it's not the first time that mr. barlow chose a 2-piece (to be precise it's one piece since the waistcoat is attached) from vivienne westwood. he wore a similar blazer and waistcoat at the june auditions in birmingham. i really love the above checked version, there were a lot of positive twitter buzz last night about his jacket. he's definitely the best dressed last night.

vivienne westwood fall winter 2011. is it too much if i wish mr. barlow would turn up in the same marcel waves and red hot lips?

the brown check tweed jacket with attached waistcoat from viviene westwood fall winter 2011 is also available online from straight to my wishlist.


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