Sunday, 16 October 2011

Gary Barlow at X-Factor UK Live show 2 in Dolce & Gabbana

gary barlow / ph: GBarlowOfficial twitter

on last saturday's first live show for x-factor UK 2011, gary barlow wore a beautiful vivienne westwood tweed blazer. for this week's results show, the take that member wore a grey wool blazer with contrasting lapels from dolce & gabbana fall winter 2011. i love the blazer, the focal points are the gorgeous lapels, so i feel gary doesn't need to add that black tie.

great look nonetheless. i'm looking forward to what gary will be wearing in next weekend's shows.



  1. Oh I love this style. You know whats crazy is that I saw something similiar to this at the Fast fashion place! I really like this look. Thanks for posting.

  2. Really you think he could have gone the less formal route like the runway model. I'm not sure Mr. Barlow has that kind of pzazz.

  3. Its probably shallow of me saying this, but you really need to have a certain look to pull off unusual pieces of clothing. Gary is way too cutesy for that.


what's he wearing?