Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gary Barlow at X-Factor UK Live show 4 in Maison Martin Margiela

gary barlow / ph: gbarlowofficial twitter

for tonight's halloween themed x-factor UK live show 4, mentor to the boys category gary barlow wore an all black ensemble, thankfully with a little bit of bling from the maison martin margiela spring summer 2012 jacket, and the tie tack from london based jewellery signer andrew bunney.

love that silk/satin lapel, it gave a really nice sheen and looked really good on tv. his stylist added a sterling silver tie tack to match the buttons on the margiela jacket, which was a good touch. and nice to see gary getting first dibs on next season's margiela.

you might remember bunney as he did a special shoe horn with mr. hare a while back. the sterling silver tie tack from bunney is also available online from

see gary barlow's previous x-factor UK outfits here.



  1. BJ: i wanted to go swimming too badly lol

  2. Haha...touché. Good look here; one could gripe about something small like sleeve length but so much is working (like the cutaway collar...or curved spread?) that that seems uncouth.


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