Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gary Barlow at X-Factor UK Live show 4 in DSquared

gary barlow / ph: gbarlowofficial twitter

on sunday night's x-factor UK results show, gary barlow wore a really nice satin lapel tuxedo jacket from dsquared fall winter 2011. seems that the stylists are doing the contrasting lapel thing most weeks, but i really love it. it's a subtle way to make evening wear more fun. from the runway picture, it appears that the satin lapel extends all the way inwards, very sleek.

the jacket also comes in velvet, which i thought would look great for tv, and i would have picked that for gary. the dsquared satin lapel jacket is also available online from luisa via roma.

see gary barlow's previous x-factor UK outfits here.



  1. Gary Barlow? Been a while...

  2. Love the tuxedo jacket along with the jeans!!

  3. is this blog becoming a gary barlow show? :)

  4. Hi ooooh,

    I am crazy about this jacket (actually the non-velvet is part of a full suit)...but in black.

    I cannot figure out whether it does exist in black or only midnight blue.

    Gary Barlow definitely wears the latter colour, same as the one on sale on the dsquared website, which is not my cup of tea. However on the show's photo of the twins it looks black, as does it on the various photos of them wearing the same at various parties on their FB page.

    Do you or anyone else have any idea whether it is only a light issue which makes midnight blue look black, or if both are in the current "capsule collection".

    Thanks a lot


  5. bruno: not exactly sure about the colors available, might be lighting making it blu-ish. i like the black, it's sleek. more so the velvet version.

    not much help, sorry!

  6. Cheers Ooooo,

    I have the velvet one and the number of compliments i get per night when wearing it is surreal! This is why I WILL eventually find the black wool version!

    Thanks for your blog, a delight!



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