Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] at #PFW in Givenchy

hidetoshi nakata / ph: vogue.co.uk, go runway

yes i love hidetoshi nakata. this is the third time i've featured him over the past week (see him in balmain and balmain). i really love his laidback nonchalant style of dressing, and he picks labels that i really fancy too. nakata was pictured at yesterday's givenchy womenswear show in paris, not surprisingly in a prominent givenchy t-shirt and leather jacket. what's puzzling, is that while i love the whole look and feel, i am not feeling the individual pieces that make up the look. the red scarf from trussardi is a nice touch, matching the t-shirt but it also feels like one item too much.

and a little strange, brandishing a rather noticeable trussardi item to a givenchy photocall.

to be honest, i was really disappointed by the choice of t-shirt. with so many interesting pieces from givenchy fall winter 2011, he picked this rather blah "angel" t-shirt. covering it up with the givenchy leather hoodie seems like a right idea, but the hoodie also doesn't exactly excite much.

but rather strangely, nakata made all the elements work together. clotheshorse or the xfactor? the givenchy "angel" t-shirt is available online from luisa via roma, and the givenchy leather hoodie is available online from mr porter.

yes i still love you nakata.

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