Saturday, 29 October 2011

Huang Xiaoming [黄晓明] in Hong Kong in Burberry Prorsum

huang xiaoming / ph: sina,

黄晓明10月27日亮相香港活动身穿 Burberry Prorsum 秋冬2011系列服装,皮草上身大扮奢华。

china actor huang xiaoming [黄晓明] was pictured at an event on thursday in hong kong, dressed head to toe in burberry prorsum fall winter 2011. the blazer featured a mink collar, and xiaoming did not wear anything underneath the jacket, similar to the runway model.

do you like the look? i would prefer that it was styled with a t-shirt underneath, or that he wears the long coat version with similar fur collar. any thoughts?



  1. ooooo I REALLY want one of those collars please!!! LOVE!

  2. I really like the long coat version but I think he did well. i feel going without a shirt with that suit was a way of adding SEXY to his mix. It made everyone think about him without a shirt. I think the long coat might have been too warm for inside where you have to leave it on all evening.

  3. Huang Xiaoming is smokin'!!!
    Love the look!

  4. Compared to the model he just looks helplessly short. And his stance with both hands in his pockets make those pants look one size too big.
    Anyway... Love Burberry - HATE fur!

  5. Huang Xiaoming is one of the greatest chinese actors of all time. Absolutely love his acting as the villian in the movie The Sniper 2009. Looking forward to watching more of his movies in future.


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