Thursday, 6 October 2011

Joe Odagiri [小田切譲] at 16th Busan International Film Festival in Ann Demeulemeester

joe odagiri / ph:

japanese actor joe odagiri [オダギリジョ/小田切譲] attended the 16th busan international film festival in south korea today. amongst a sea of black tux male attendees, mr. odagiri wore a really nice snow speckled suit from ann demeulemeester fall winter 2011. i think the suit is perfect for a red carpet event like this. giving a little johnny depp vibe, i thought he looked great. not sure if it's the lighting, but his suit looked more paint splattered than snow speckled. i do wish he unbuttoned the jacket like the runway model.

though i love the suit, i am puzzled by his very mis-matching shoe choice. (or was it lighting??)

the blazer version of the ann demeulemeester fall winter 2011 snow speckled jacket is also available online from selfridges.



  1. omg such a beautiful piece from Ann Demeulemeester!!! I overlooked this collection

  2. WHY aren't our British male stars dressed like this?? This is what we need on the red carpets over here!!!

  3. what's up with his shoes? Should have just sticked to the Prada ones.

  4. i love that jacket, i have rarely seen guys wear those two way jackets with the zip in the middle. I wish more guy would jump on board this bandwagon!!


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