Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A little customisation to my Lanvin x H&M coat

the weather's getting chilly in london. brushed out my winter coats last weekend, and realised that a button from my lanvin x h&m coat had fallen off. instead of sewing it back on, i thought why not just change the buttons, i never really like the buttons anyway. so i went to button queen (oh don't laugh) at marylebone lane to look for some vintage ones.

i settled for these brass buttons from the royal engineers regiment. according to the shop owner, these were actual buttons from the military uniforms and were more than 70 years old. i love the history behind it, and the gorgeous tarnished golden color. it will work so well against the navy colored coat.

these vintage brass buttons were £36 for six. the tailor charged me £7 for changing the buttons. so in total £43 and the coat (and the buttons) got a new lease of life. collecting the coat back from the tailor tomorrow, i hope it looks nice.

and i hope alber elbaz and lucas ossendrijver approve of my little customisation.



  1. I regularly change the buttons on garments like jackets and cardigans, especially when they are high-street and a lot of people are likely to buy and wear them.
    There is only one place in Berlin, where one should be looking for the perfect buttons: "Knopf-Paul." If you ever come to Berlin, this shop is a major sight to see! (

  2. D. Jelonnek: thanks for the recommendation :)

  3. in my opinion in the end you came out of it better off!! I love the fact those buttons are 70 years old!!!

  4. 36 pounds for the buttons?!

    you can get a new coat for 36 pounds! plus your tailor is a rip off too. sewing buttons is like the easiest task ever.

  5. i could get another coat on the high street for £36, but i could also reuse/reduce. the buttons are over 70 years old, i thought it's a fair price to pay.

    and £7 worksmanship is ok too. sewing buttons on a thick wool coat is not the same as sewing a shirt button.

    it feels good to know i am recycling and reducing waste.


  6. Nice !
    Can you put a picture of your (new) coat ?

  7. Also try Kleins in Soho, they are a bit cheaper and the quality is not as good as Button Queen (I buy my suit horn buttons from there - they are almost the same price as Hong Kong), but for cheaper garments is worth buying it from there, but you have to sew the buttons your self :)

  8. dear 00o00,
    you decided not to change the buttons on straps?
    ive got the same coat and would like to do the same with buttons )
    show please the picture of a new coat


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