Friday, 7 October 2011

Vogue Magazine editor Hamish Bowles auditioning for X-Factor US in Jean Paul Gaultier & those Marlon Gobel Christian Louboutin shoes!

hamish bowles / ph: vogue

definitely one of the most hilarious x-factor videos i've ever seen: US vogue editor hamish bowles auditioned for the x-factor series in the US! the editor claimed to be set up by his colleagues (ie from the office of anna wintour), but was sporting enough to go the whole hog. he masqueraded as hairdresser leon mecure, and turned up at the auditions in full volume. he wore a gold sequinned suit from jean paul gaultier fall winter 2011, and those christian louboutin for marlon gobel shoes!

i am so loving those batman eye makeup.

hamish bowles / ph: vogue

just like any regular contestant, one must have two outfit changes. mr. bowles wore the above ensemble from mugler and went on stage to sing a britney spears number. those christian louboutin x marlon gobel shoes made quite a stir on stage, you have to watch the video.

x-factor US screen capture

simon cowell should have said yes just on the basis of those shoes!

i'm sure it's a tie up between x-factor and vogue. if mr bowles really has been set up, he's a good sport to go the whole hog, even creating an alter-ego with it. check out the hilarious audition video here.


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