Thursday, 24 November 2011


heading to iceland this evening for a short vacation, going to swim in the blue lagoon and hopefully catch some northern lights. finally got the chance to wear my paul smith shearling lined boots with vibram rubber soles, which i think will be perfect for this trip. the closest thing to ugg boots for men!

seems to be a big shopping weekend for others too. have a look at the promotions to the right of the blog, with up to 30% off now till sunday from some of my favourite retailers.

back next tuesday!



  1. What a nice boots!! Where can I get them!! Tell me!!

  2. Those look amazing! Please don't draw any comparisons to the abomination that is ugg boots, hahah!

  3. Dear God,

    Please protect me from all that I desire.

    Very truly yours,

    Harry Goaz


what's he wearing?