Friday, 11 November 2011

Kanye West at 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Versace for H&M

kanye west / ph: kambouris, getty images | Versace for H&M Fashion Show NY, ph: DAN & CORINA LECCA

kanye west performed at yesterday's annual victoria's secret fashion show in new york. kanye wore one of my favourite pieces from the upcoming special collection: the printed sleeve bomber jacket. to be honest, i am pretty hesitant about this jacket. i really like it, but felt it was difficult to translate in real life. seeing it on kanye changed my mind a little. i'm not usually a fan of kanye's style, but i think dressing down in black t-shirt and jeans would showcase the jacket beautifully without going too over the top.

i think i will pick up this jacket when the versace for h&m collection launches on 17th november in london. what do you think?



  1. Only if you are black and hip hop dressing is your style else....its a fine line with trannydom

  2. Definitely pick it up! The studded black jacket too.

  3. thompsonboy: trannydom??

    anon: i am very keen on the studded jacket. will probably pick up these 2 pieces and preen till the mirror cracks

  4. I will be there an get it too :D
    Hope we both don't have the same size :D

  5. It's great! old school eh?

    thompsonboy's comment is pretty off.

  6. Can't WAIT to get one of these next week!!! Bring on the queue!!!

  7. Hmmmmm.....not for me and to be honest I dont think Kanye carries it off either.

    Sometimes less is more.....

  8. i do agree with you. This entire Versace line is risky. To pull each piece off you have to style it well.

  9. The shirts in this collection are so nice. Definitely picking them up.


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