Monday, 14 November 2011

Shoe Shine

passed by burlington arcade on saturday and was pleasantly surprised to find the shoe shine guy, stationed aptly outside the new jimmy choo men's store too. i honestly think it's a dying profession. i love my shoes, and i take pride in getting them nicely polished and waxed. there used to be a guy that comes round the office weekly to shine our shoes, but i think with the state of the economy people are cutting back on little spends, and i don't see the guy anymore. i could shine my own shoes (hey i was with the military for 2.5 years, i shine a mean pair of boots), but it's a nice treat every now and then to have someone condition my shoes.

and that guy at burlington arcade only charges £4. at that moment in time, i hated myself for wearing converse sneakers.



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  2. really liked this, and £4 for that level of personal service seems immense

  3. Speaking of shoes and H&M collabs, anybody else own the shoes from the Lanvin drop?

    I've worn my copper and black pairs once each and in the process they both started flaking and peeling around the areas that crease.

    Any idea what I can do with them to restore the finish?

    Would it be worth taking them to this arcade and getting them shined?


what's he wearing?