Saturday, 31 December 2011

Top 10 blog posts of 2011

in previous years, i often look back at the year that has passed by summarising on the number of shoes i've accumulated that year. indulgent but playful recaps on the highlight of the years. but i've really not bought that many pairs of shoes this year, no i really haven't. so i thought why not do a recap of the most popular blog posts for 2011, which ones are a hit with the search engines, which ones do people link back. all hail google analytics, and results are somewhat interesting.

i present you, the 2011 top 10 most read blog posts from this blog:

10. david gandy at north audley street, london

how interesting, a picture i snapped by chance at north audley street and blog posted in 2009 would be the 10th most read blog post in 2011. never underestimate the power of david gandy searches on the search engines. read the full post here.

9. robert pattinson in dries van noten

robert pattinson / ph: reuters, mario anzuoni

twilight heart-throb robert pattinson attending the 2011 people's choice awards in january this year was also a popular blog post. his unusual choice of the dries van noten jacket generated a considerable number of link backs and internet searches. read the full post here.

8. christian louboutin python skin lace-ups

ph: carlos souza

another blog post from 2009 which became the 8th most read blog post this year, was the introduction of the above insanely gorgeous python lace-ups, belonging to blogger carlos souza. there are considerable interest in christian louboutin shoes for men, and i do talk a lot about them, so it's no surprise this is one of the most searched and linked back blog post. read the full post here.

7. fashion three-way

ph: details magazine

before you get too excited by the title, this blog post from 2009 (am i that boring in 2011??) looks at three subtle tweaks to a guy's styling, how it will change someone's look completely. originally from details magazine US, i gave my little two cents worth. still not sure how this is the 7th most read blog post in 2011, but read the full post here.

6. hidetoshi nakata [中田英寿] in burberry prorsum

one of my style icons, the uber hip japanese footballer/model hidetoshi nakata in an equally delectable burberry prorsum biker jacket, snapped by street style photographer extraordinaire mr. tommy ton at paris fashion week earlier this year. the 6th most read blog post this year, read it in full here.

5. those christian louboutin for marlon gobel shoes

christian louboutin for marlon gobel / ph: neilson barnard, getty images

definitely one of the fashion highlights this year: the absolutely stunning shoes christian louboutin made for marlon gobel's fall winter 2011 collection. i knew i was one of the first (if not the first...) to publish the pics, and thanks to massive link backs and huge interest in the shoes, this was the 5th most read blog post this year. relive the magic, read the full blog here.

4. backstage with sean o'pry at versace

everyone's favourite male model, mr. sean o'pry backstage at versace. seems like ages ago i attended a show in milan, i mustered up enough courage to ask for a picture. lots of link backs at forums, read the full post here.

now for the top three...

3. zara man versus balmain homme

not at all surprising, this popular blog post from 2010 shows the uncanny resemblance in styling and blatant copying by the spanish high street giant, with reference to a small capsule collection from the venerable balmain homme. very much retweeted in japan and linked back, this is one of my favourite blog posts really. read it in full here.

2. hermes espadrilles

very bizarrely, a seemingly unimportant and frivolous blog post i did in 2009 about hermes espadrilles, became the 2nd most read blog post this year. but google analytics never lie, go find out what the fuss is about. read the post in full here.

1. petra ecclestone and james stunt at form clothing launch

proof that everyone loves a good gossip, this snapshot that almost never happened formed the most read blog post of my blog for 2011. why? because the billionairess got married this year, and everyone wanted to know who is james stunt, the lucky man marrying petra ecclestone. there weren't a lot of pictures of the rather publicity shy james stunt, so the above pic was rather well viewed from the search engines. i attended the launch of form clothing at matches fashion marylebone high street, one of the many business ventures of ms ecclestone (form, not matches...). when i was about to leave, i spotted the pair outside chatting away, and politely asked if i could take a picture of petra. mr. james stunt very nicely moved away, but i suggested a picture of them both instead. and that, became the most viewed blog post this year. read the full post here.

interesting results indeed. thank you to all for a wonderful year, to the 32% increase in readership this year, to the 50% of mac users and the 44% of you using your safari browsers to view my blog, not forgetting the 2.45% of you viewing on your ipads. i thank you all for a wonderful year, and wishing you a great year ahead.



  1. You know what? I began following you after the Marlon Gobel post! Awesome!
    I wish you a happy new year!!!!!
    Alessandro - The Fashion Commentator

  2. Yeah, i read about half of those posts but often visit your site. Maybe in 2012 you can post more diverse people who have different body shapes. All i see here is a bunch of tall, slim white people (a few chinese & asians for good measure, but no blacks)

  3. terrible outfit from that top bloke. it makes me want to commit harakiri

  4. happy new years! been following the blog for a couple years now but you really ramped it up this year!

    ps. thats too funny about the james stunt post as i did exactly what you said and googled him and got linked back here.

  5. Ahhh happy new year, let's meet up soonest!


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