Thursday, 29 December 2011

Yesterday I wore...

post christmas break, went back to the office in admittedly an outfit that's rather "smart casual fridays". but it's the period between christmas and new year, and most still feeling merry so hey why not. it's properly busy in the office, covering for everyone else who is out of office, and tying up all the loose strings before the year ends.

i think the term is called fire fighting, and i did it in my polo ralph lauren camel colored cardigan, j.crew brown checked shirt, brown alfred dunhill lizard belt, grey topman trousers, acne brown lace-ups, a little vintage jaeger lecoultre and smelling of marc jacobs basil sorbet splash. admittedly a little dress up as i thought we were going out for dinner after work but that got postponed to another day. so you can't blame me for hitting the shops instead.

but didn't buy anything. "austerity measures", such dirty words.

cha cha cha in my acne lace-ups...

with my favourite and well worn ally capellino for tate museum bag...

with my gucci fall winter 2007 moleskin military coat.

what lovely fitting rooms they have at urban outfitters. and i love this "shore leave navy birdseye crew knit, but alas they don't have it in my size. "austerity measures"...

hope you are having much more shopping fun than i do.



  1. i love absolutely everything about this outfit!

  2. omg LOVE this look!!! you have impeccable taste joe!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit! (minus the jacket) It's possibly the best i have seen you look. That jumper is horrendous by the way.

  4. My dear blogger. Can you tell me the difference between Common Projects Achilles & Tournament? Apart from the gold lettering i have no idea.

  5. thank you for the nice comments :)

    anon: i love the jacket, and that jumper!

    anon: the shapes are rather different, especially the front where the laces start. small subtle differences, but i still prefer achilles :)

  6. i'm so glad u brought this segment back to life, it inspiring for clueless dude like me...

  7. Perfect - I looked over every detail in that first pic, trying to find a colour or accessory that didn't quite gel... but I couldn't. Impeccable.

  8. Love the outfits!


  9. do you show face ? are you asian ?

  10. OMG I'm in love with the ralph lauren cardigan! where did you get that? :O


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