Sunday, 8 January 2012

Adam Levine in Ann Demeulemeester - "The Voice" promotional tour

adam levine /ph:

maroon 5 frontman adam levine was in california on friday night promoting the new series of "the voice". adam wore a black nappa leather jacket from ann demeulemeester fall winter 2011. i love the softness of the leather which made the jacket drape lightly, contrasting the toughness of the biker jacket beautifully. love the jacket, but wished he did not pair it with those suit trousers. and wished his girlfriend did not come matchy matchy with the sliced off tops.

the ann demeulemeester double zipped nappa leather jacket is currently on sale online at luisa via roma.

there's also a longer version of the jacket with shearling inner lining, which i really love. the longer "marlon" coat is currently also on sale online at farfetch.



  1. Great jacket, but I always think Demeulemeester's clothes work better when there's more layering to the outfit? Her whole vision is built up with fragments and hybrids - with a plain T-shirt and trousers it just seems to jar a little?


  2. Agree! Now I know why I love that shearling lined coat, as it's very well layered and styled!

  3. That jacket is sweet. I think it would look better in motion though bearing the way the collar is structured and probably the softness of the leather?

  4. Yeah it's not a typical leather jacket that you can wear with a pair of your ruff jeans and a white t-shirt. It's something more designer-ish, like all of the Ann D stuff, so the layering and all that is a must.


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