Monday, 16 January 2012

British Olympians Iain Percy, Louis Smith and Sir Matthew Pinsent for Alfred Dunhill Spring Summer 2012 campaign

alfred dunhill unveils their spring summer 2012 ad campaign today. into the third season of their "voice" series, the campaign casts notable brits for their achievements. previous poster-boys range from the great explorer sir ranulph fiennes (age 68), to violin virtuoso charlie siem (age 26). i really love the "voice" campaigns, it's so anti-fashion in a way but done so beautifully with stunning black and white portraits. it's not just about looking at a campaign and wanting that bag or the pair of shoes, but wanting to be that person who managed to achieve all these things and have all these great stories to tell.

and with the london olympics coming up this summer, alfred dunhill featured three british olympic hopefuls/honouree for their latest ad campaign, this is one amazing partership. i find it is often difficult casting athletes in fashion ad campaigns. not everyone can pout like david beckham or revel in tiny pants like cristiano ronaldo. but "voice" is an amazing platform, and the olympians really are a great fit, because it's more about the individual and less about the products they are hawking. but still i am seriously in love with that shawl neck jacket above.

i won't lie, double olympic champion iain percy's campaign is my favourite. those tousled manes, manly beard and steely gaze wouldn't look out of place in a fashion magazine at all. joining the british sailor is 23 year old gymnast louis smith, as well as sir matthew pinsent (above), who won four consecutive gold medals at the olympics rowing events.

they had sir david frost in their first "voice" campaign, then sir ranulph fiennes, and now sir matthew pinsent. you really have to be knighted by the queen to be featured in alfred dunhill's campaigns. more pictures and stories on dunhill's facebook page.


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  1. I love dunhill and often purchase items for my husband. I am looking forward to seeing the full spring/summer 2012 collection :)


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